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Fixed Assets Register preparation (FAR)

Proven methodology

We have delivered Fixed Asset Verification, Tagging engagements to a diversified  client base in UAE, Oman and other GCC countries. We will apply our proven methodology in executing the engagement.

Ream with relevant experience

All team members proposed have hands-on experience in delivering Fixed Asset Verification engagements locally and regionally. Rest assured our  team have the know-how to deliver and exceed your expectations.

Relevant Experience

We have provided Fixed Asset Verification services to a number of clients  including leading hotels and corporate offices in the region.

Technology Enabled Solution (Optional)

In executing this engagement we may use Third party IT solution for Physical Verification of assets.

Our approach

We describe below our overall approach to the physical verification, tagging, reconciliation and preparation of Fixed Assets Register.

Planning and  Mobilization As – Is Assessment Tagging and Verification Draft Reporting Exception Reporting and  Result Collation Final Reporting

•Project Program office  setup

•Agree on physical  verification and tagging  approach

•Design reconciliation  framework, coverage  and reporting template

•Finalization of the  attributes to be covered  for physical verification,  tagging and reconciliation for each item type

•Obtain fixed assets system data, abstract, invoices and  delivery notes etc. and assess the overall accuracy of information on sample basis  

•Conduct Physical Verification  of all assets (PV)

•Conduct asset tagging for all assets (PV)

•Verify completeness and  accuracy of PV data

•Record physically verified data on the pre-agreed template

•Prepare draft Fixed Assets Register which includes: fixed assets description, major category, minor category and item quantity •Reconcile assets physically found with quantities as per abstract

•Reconcile assets physically found with the invoice quantities

•Assign rates for each item in the Fixed Assets Register based on the available records/supporting invoices and BOQ’s.

•Calculate total cost of items

•Reconcile total value as per FAR with system data

•Discuss the variances with the process owners

•Record date of purchase of each asset based on invoices / hotel start date

•Deliver the final Fixed Assets Register  to the management

Fixed Assets Taggs:

We are providing manual fixed assets tagging and RF ID tags (Digital fixed assets tags or fixed assets tag with barcode)

Our Credentials

We have provided fixed assets tagging and verification services to many companies.

Fixed assets tagging for hotels

Fixed assets tagging for financial institutes

Fixed assets tagging for calls centers

Fixed assets tagging for trading & manufacturing companies

Fixed assets tagging for government companies

Fixed assets verification for hotels

Fixed assets verification for financial institutes

Fixed assets verification for calls centers

Fixed assets verification for trading & manufacturing companies

Fixed assets verification for government companies

Fixed assets register for hotels

Fixed assets register for financial institutes

Fixed assets register for calls centers

Fixed assets register for trading & manufacturing companies

Fixed assets register for government companies