Company Liquidation & Cancellation of a License

  • How to cancel a company?
  • How to revoke/cancel a license?
  • How to liquidate a company?
  • How to cancel a company in Freezone?
  • What is the cost to cancel a company?
  • How to wind up a business?
  • What are the legal obligations of a company at the time of liquidation?


  • These are the common questions at the start of the business & we are providing complete services on company liquidations. We are assisting our clients in working as one window for all the liquidation formalities. What is the whole process for a company liquidation? The whole liquidation process comprises the following steps, more or less the same for all the UAE companies.


    1. Special Resolution on the liquidation
    2. Cancellation of the company from all respective authorities such as customers, FTA, Labor & Dewa, etc.
    3. Cancellation of all the employee visas except the general manager or managing director can be canceled later.
    4. Clearance from the bank
    5. Appointment of the liquidator
    6. Preparation of liquidated financial statements
    7. Audited financial statements on liquidated business
    8. Placement of advertisement in the newspapers Arabic & English
    9. Withdrawing of the security deposit, if any, from the free zone entities
    10. Cancellation of the license


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