An assets management solution is a software tool that helps organizations track, manage, and maintain their physical and digital assets. These assets can include anything from equipment and machinery to buildings and real estate, to digital files and documents.

An assets management solution can help organizations save time and money by reducing the need for manual tracking and record keeping, and by helping them to better understand and optimize the use of their assets. It can also help to improve safety by ensuring that assets are properly maintained and used in accordance with regulations and best practices.

Some examples of Asset management solution providers are SAP Asset Intelligence Network, IBM Maximo, Oracle EAM, etc.

Comprehensive Assets Tracking System

Allows users to track the location, status, and maintenance history of assets.

Inbuild Barcode Generator

A valuable tool for asset management as it provides a simple and efficient way to track and manage assets, automate the process of asset tracking and inventory management, and help to ensure that assets are properly maintained.

Assets Audit & Reconciliation

An important process in asset management that helps organizations to ensure the accuracy and completeness of their asset records, identify discrepancies or errors, and make necessary adjustments to the records. It helps organizations to effectively manage their assets and make informed decisions about their use and maintenance.

End to End Assets Life Cycle

A comprehensive approach to managing an organization’s assets from acquisition to retirement, it involves tracking and managing assets throughout their entire life span, from the initial purchase or acquisition to their use, maintenance, and eventual retirement or disposal. This approach helps organizations to optimize the use of their assets, reduce costs, make informed decisions, and improve efficiency.

Maintenance Schedule & Insurance

Allows users to schedule and track maintenance tasks for assets, such as inspections and repairs.

Permissions & Configurable Access

Allows users to access the assets management solution from a mobile device, making it easy to manage assets on the go.

Integration with SAP-Oracles

Integrating an asset management solution with ERP systems such as SAP or Oracle can provide organizations with a more comprehensive and streamlined approach to managing their assets, by providing a more complete and accurate view of their assets, automating and streamlining operations, and improving data flow between different systems and functions. This can improve efficiency and decision-making.