Every business, regardless of size, should be concerned with tracking its fixed assets.

Any permanent object that a company uses internally is referred to as a fixed asset, but is not limited to computers, tools, software, and office supplies. Asset tagging is the practice of affixing identification tags or labels, also known as asset tags, to company assets. Asset tagging is utilized for both fixed and moveable assets to recognize individual assets.

With the help of us you can keeping track of all of your assets because we provide an accurate method of keeping track of these assets.

RAS is the world leader in providing the services of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tagging. RFID is a wireless communication technology that employs radio waves to remotely identify a variety of ‘tagged’ items or persons. RFID technology solutions produce a customized solution to track a wide range of important company assets by combining tags, readers, software, and networks. The wonderful thing about RFID is that it can integrate many different types of technology to produce a comprehensive solution since it is so adaptable.