We deliver the software-based & manual solution for fixed assets and inventory management. Our experts are well versed in coop with different industries ranging from hotel, tourism, automobile, and construction, etc. Our services include:

• Physical verification

• Asset tagging

  1. Manual Tagging
  2. RF ID Tagging

• Assets reconciliation with the Company’s records

• Cost allocation and Fixed Asset

• Register (FAR) creation

• FA Manual – documentation & training

We have Extensive Experience in this Field
We are working in fixed assets manual & RF-ID tagging for the last many years and have a long-term relationship with all our clients. We understand all the challenges respective solutions for this type of assignments and will leverage our knowledge about departments and challenges, hence we will be able to hit the ground running from day 1

Our Global Presence
We have a presence in four countries, and our expertise enables us to significantly add value to the client in meeting its project objectives

Combination of Local & International Resources to Maximize Value to the Project
Our Senior people are well experience from big four firms and are ready to provide great perspective on asset management practices from all over the world whilst our local team will bring the required knowledge of public sector entities in UAE

Our Complex Transformation & PMO Expertise
We have worked on many complex transformation projects in the major sectors including local, regional and international private and government entities

Our Proven Track Record of Local & International Projects
Our team has a track record of executing engagements and has been engaged by multiple clients including, hotels, govt entities, big four firms, industries & a number of international clients in the Gulf.

Our Services

  • Fixed Assets Verification Services
  • Fixed Assets Reconciliation Services
  • Fixed Assets Tagging Services
  • Fixed Assets Register preparation (FAR)

Proven Methodology & Experience with our Technology Partner
We have delivered Fixed Asset Verification, Tagging engagements to a diversified client base in UAE, Oman, and other GCC countries. We will apply our proven methodology in executing the engagement. We have worked with many Govt related entities in Gulf & US & Canada.

Ream with Relevant Experience
All team members proposed have hands-on experience in delivering Fixed Asset Verification engagements locally and regionally. Rest assured our team has the know-how to deliver and exceed your expectations. We have provided Fixed Asset Verification services to a number of clients including leading hotels and corporate offices in the region. We provide fixed assets manual tagging & fixed assets RF-ID tagging.

Fixed Assets Taggs
We are providing manual fixed assets tagging and RF ID tags (Digital fixed assets tags or fixed assets tag with barcode)

Our Credentials
We have provided fixed assets tagging and verification services to many companies.

Fixed assets tagging for hotels
Fixed assets tagging for financial institutes
Fixed assets tagging for calls centers
Fixed assets tagging for trading & manufacturing companies
Fixed assets tagging for government companies
Fixed assets verification for hotels
Fixed assets verification for financial institutes
Fixed assets verification for calls centers
Fixed assets verification for trading & manufacturing companies
Fixed assets verification for government companies
Fixed assets register for hotels
Fixed assets register for financial institutes
Fixed assets register for calls centers
Fixed assets register for trading & manufacturing companies
Fixed assets register for government companies